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Shepherd is an exciting new game, written exclusively for the iPad and it's big multitouch screen. It's available as a free download from the App Store!

You are the shepherd!
Your job is to bring the herd of sheep home into the pen. Your fingers are the sheepdogs – use them to master your hungry sheep and direct them to the sheep-shearing on a save path.
Don't let them wander off and try to avoid obstacles like rivers and canyons!

Shepherd Main Screen
Shepherd Level: The Fork
Shepherd Level: The Snake
Shepherd Level: In Transit
Shepherd Levels Overview

The first 6 levels are free. A level pack with more than 25 additional levels is available as an InApp purchase.

Thanks to sophisticated algorithms, the sheep are acting like a real herd. Sometimes this can make things quite complicated, e.g. when the goal includes separating black and white sheep before driving them into separate fencings.
Shepherd makes full use of the iPad's big multitouch screen. Each finger, touching the screen acts like a shepherd dog to the sheep. By using multiple fingers, the player can round up the sheep, separate them, drive them over bridges and so on. Shepherd supports up to 11 simultaneous touches (which is the iOS limit).


Requirements for Shepherd: iPad (1st generation) or better with iOS 4.2 or newer.

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