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Picture in Picture

PiP v1.1 (the free "classic" version)

PiP v1.1 is still available for users with older Macs, running Mac OS X v10.4 or v10.5.
Please note, that PiP v1.1 is officially retired, i.e. it is offered as-is, without support!
The most recent version of PiP 2 (for Mac OS X v10.6 and later) is available here.

Use PiP to show video from any webcam on your screen, nicely integrated as "Picture in Picture" which makes it ideal for live presentations, screencast recordings and in the educational sector.

PiP doesn't clutter the dock with an additional icon: After launch it automatically installs itself in the menubar and the user can define a keyboard shortcut to smoothly fade in and out the video.

  1. Fade in/out PiP's video window by selecting this command...
  2. ... or pressing it's user defined keyboard shortcut.
  3. To change the user defined keyboard shortcut, choose this command.
  4. Change PiP's video device and its settings.
  5. These options rotate PiP's video picture by 180° resp. mirror it.
  6. This sets PiP's window level to the highest posible value. It enables you to use PiP during Keynote presentations. Please also switch on the option "Slideshow" > "Allow Exposé, Dashboard and others to use screen" in Keynote's preferences.
  7. By disabling PiP it will use virtually no CPU time. It's like PiP's taking a deep sleep without vanishing from the menubar.
  8. Quitting PiP frees all resources but also removes PiP's icon and menu from the menubar.

You can choose where the PiP window appears on your desktop: Just drag the window around while holding the mouse button down. Click & drag any corner to resize the PiP window. All changes are automatically saved.

Use the standard magnetic mount or a special flexible stand to bring your external iSight into the right position for the show.
Sure enough, you can also use any Mac-enabled USB webcam or video camcorder with PiP.

What's new in version 1.1?

System requirements


It's free, folks!

Download PiP v1.1 here

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