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What is iMBiPhoneView?

iMBiPhoneView is a solution for transferring data between Macs and 3rd party iPhone applications.

iMBiPhoneView is a custom plugin for iMedia. It comes with a "framework" (currently a set source files in a folder) for enabling iMBiPhoneView in 3rd party iPhone applications. The plugin/framework handle all necessary steps to setup, publish, discover and connect the iPhone application with iMedia via a local Bonjour network, as well as functions to transfer data between iPhone and Mac (in both directions!).

Most important parameters (such as service type) are configurable without changing the iMedia plugin or the framework code.

The GUI on the iPhone is not handled by the framework itself but delegated to a delegate object in the host application.

The iMedia plugin provides public functions to initiate Mac→iPhone transfers and also delegate callbacks for custom GUI handling.

iMBiPhoneView is still in an early development stage and not fully tested.

If you're interested in helping with iMBiPhoneView's development and testing, please send a mail to imedia (at) pleasantsoftware (dot) com.

iMBiPhoneView is available as an open sources project at Google Code:

The project contains sample applications for the client side (Mac OS X) and server side (iPhone).

Demo movie

Real World Example

The following movie shows another short demo of iMBiPhoneView, this time in a real world application. Both apps (iPhone and Mac) are based on the standard iMBiPhoneView code as included in the open source project.

On the iPhone, the framework is built in our iPhone application Birdie, on the Mac iMBiPhoneView is built into "BirdieConnect", an application for transferring course, player and game data from/to Birdie as well as creating/restoring full backup of Birdie's database.

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