Pleasant3D is now open source

I hadn’t too much time for developing Pleasant3D lately. Sorry for that!

However, I did some work on Pleasant3D in the last year:

  • Better (more performant) versions of the Quicklook  plugins (for previewing STL and GCode files in the Finder)
  • An experimental implementation of a DAE file import plug-in
  • Experimental support for printing directly from Pleasant3D (still not functional, but the infrastructure is there…)
  • Support for different devices (3D printers, CNC mills etc.)

… and some other stuff.

Unfortunately, I currently don’t have the time to develop, test and stabilize the current code on my own in order to release a new binary version of Pleasant3D.

So starting today, I open source the complete code base of Pleasant3D:

(The slicer plugins of Pleasant3D were open source from the beginning. I’ll mark the old open source BitBucket repository as obsolete.)

I’d be very happy, if some of you 3D-printing (or CNC-milling) Mac developers out there would help with the further development of Pleasant3D!

Please note, that the published sources aren’t in a fully tested state. As far as I can tell, the project builds and runs after a clean ‘clone’. Be sure to use Xcode 4 and to choose “Pleasant3D/32-bit” as build scheme.
However, there seem to be some issues with the Quicklook generators in this version (they seem to run in Debug mode, but crash when running in the real world…).
Also the OpenCL slicer seems to be broken in the current version.

The  stable version of Pleasant3D (v2.0) is (and will be) still available as pre-built binary release: Download Pleasant3D


  1. Yeah! Welcome to the Open Source club. It’s great to see people contribute their code to the community. I’ve enjoyed seeing some Mac folks inside MakerBot tinker and print from your project, and I’m going to doubly enjoy reading some source code and checking out your design.

    Thanks again, for me and on behalf of all kinds of users, for sharing your code!

    hack on,
    – Far McKon
    Nerd Herder for MakerBot Software Dept

  2. Pleasant 3D is a great software,

    And its source code is full of gems (I especially like the use of OpenCL kernels). What an incredible gift… thank you for sharing!


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