Heavy metal

IMG_2384.JPG…, not.

It was aluminum.

It turns out, that my mill is able to cut aluminum. But man, that was loud!




The quiet before the storm:


Tools & Settings:

  • 2mm aluminum
  • Dremel 400 Digital
  • Tungsten carbide 3mm mill bit
  • 20000 RPM
  • Feedrate 100 mm/minute
  • .3 mm depth per cut
  • lots of cutting oil

I guess I could increase the feedrate a bit, but I should lower the depth per cut to probably .2mm

All in all, I’m very exited. But really: It was LOUD!!

[Update 05/14/11]

And here’s the inevitable video:


  1. Very cool stuff. You should check out our GrblShield for a quick and easy CNC controller. Check it out. http://www.synthetos.com/wiki/index.php?title=Projects:grblShield

    We are also working on releasing our higher end board. TinyG…

    They both do straight Gcode no reprap firmware stuff. Based off of grbl.

    BTW I created almost the same mill as you have!
    I like you Z axis much better. I think I am going to copy it. Do you have the cad files for it?



  2. Wow milling aluminum thats really cool. I did not think that that was possible with a mantis like machine. The ‘Tungsten carbide 3mm mill bit’ must be quite expensive :-)

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