Contacting the Mothership


I’m back from Berlin. Happy new year to all!

The highlight of my Berlin visit was definitely meeting Bre from MakerBot Industries on 26c3 (Chaos Communication Congress).

We had a great time talking about this IMG_4804.JPG, this IMG_4807.JPG, this IMG_4765.png and that p3.jpg, and some other awesome stuff.

Of course, I’ll write on all this in much more detail, as soon as the above projects are a little more developed and mature.

Afterwards I had eventually the opportunity to see Bre’s talk on MakerBot and other frontiers at 26c3:


The talk is available as MP4 video. There are several mirror servers for the 26c3 videos, check this page, if the above link doesn’t work, and look for talk #3637.

It was a really great evening.

Zaggo and I at #26c3

I’ll be definitely at 27c3…

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