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New web server

The website of Pleasant Software (and some of the server-side applications), for historical reasons, were distributed over 3 different web servers lately.  In addition to that, our main server strongly needed an OS update, which wasn’t possible without completely shutting down the server and install from scratch.

Last week, we finally took the chance to clean up the whole server setup: in the night from Wednesday  to Thursday, after a day of backing up all websites and databases, we shut down the main server, erased the hard disk and installed the long overdue OS upgrade.

About 10hrs later, the server was up again and all seems to work. So we started to relocate content, formerly hosted on other servers, to the main server (e.g. used to be hosted on a separate server).

If you run into problems on our website (broken links, missing images, dysfunctional  scripts etc.), please let us know. Thank you!

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