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Launch issue with Übercaster on Lion

(… and Snow Leopard)

I received several reports from users, that Übercaster v1.6.6 still doesn’t launch on Lion: Übercaster’s icon bounces in the dock for a (long) while, but that’s it.

This issue seems to affect about 10% of the Lion users, but I even received reports from a few users still running Snow Leopard. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue on my computer (or any Mac I have direct access to).

Anyway, I tried for the last 4 weeks to get a fix on this issue. I built special versions of Übercaster, logging trace messages during launching (without any results, Übercaster’s code never got called), collected (and analyzed) information on the affected computers and OS installations, checked linked frameworks, permissions, and so on.

Eventually I contacted Apple’s Developer Technical Support with this issue, providing all information I gathered so far. About a week later I received a response from Apple. And here’s the central paragraph from this response:

… this is a bug in the system software.  AFAICT your code is not doing anything wrong.  I’m going to discuss this with the dyld and Objective-C runtime engineers to see what we should do about this. [...] It seems that this is a known issue.

So, here it is: It’s a bug in Mac OS X 10.6.8 and 10.7. When loading linked frameworks during the launch of Übercaster, the launch deamon seems to get caught in some kind of dead lock, waiting on it self.

Apple seems to have a fix for this for 64bit applications. Unfortunately Übercaster is still 32-bit, since it makes heavy use of Quicktime APIs (which weren’t (and I’m afraid, never will be) ported to 64-bit).

However, the friendly and helpful Apple engineer also mentioned a possible work around for this issue which should work with 32-bit apps. This work around involves some code changes in Übercaster.

I implemented the necessary changes in a new beta of Übercaster (v1.6.6 beta8). I’m still not able to reproduce the issue on my computer, but first tests on the computers of a few users, affected by this issue, look promissing.

Please give the new beta a try:

Übercaster v1.6.6 beta 8

This beta also fixes an issue with the “Save as” menu command (it should now work again).

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