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Übercaster v1.6.3 released

We just released Übercaster v1.6.3 (finally…)

Download the new version from Übercaster’s download page or use Übercaster’s built-in update feature.

Features and fixes in v1.6.3 include:

  • PleasantConnect is now able to run in 64-bit environments (aka Snow Leopard).
  • Pressing “Backspace” deletes the selected chapter marker when the Chapters subview on the Cut layer is activated.
  • Fixed several issues with Undo/Redo on the Cut Layer.
  • Fixed an issue with AAC export when running on SnowLeopard <rdar://problem/6004695>.
  • Fixed an issue with Skype panels concerning spaces and dashes in telephone numbers.
  • Fixed a memory management bug concerning Skype panels.
  • Fixed several bugs concerning displaying waveforms.
  • … a lot more fixes and enhancements.

See Übercaster’s revision history for a full list of changes.

If you’re using PleasantConnect, please update the current installation of this system extension.

To do so, use the PleasantConnect uninstaller, included on the installation disk in the Extras folder. After restarting the computer, use the new Install PleasantConnect button in the Advanced Preferences view in Übercaster to install the new version.

Sorry again for the long delay of this update!

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